Training Certificates for OCFS, LDSS, and other Medical Professionals
Infection Control & Barrier Precautions, Education for Prescribing Controlled Substances, and Child Abuse Reporter Training
Meet Your New York Continuing Requirements Quickly & Affordably.

NYSED Approved Provider Required Courses offers the required certificates for medical professionals in New York State. All of these courses are listed below. The Child Abuse: New York Mandated Reporter Training course is required by a multitude of professions, including medical related professionals:

This course discusses 1) The process of transmission of infectious pathogens, 2) Basic infection control procedures and techniques, 3) How specific infectious pathogens are transmitted and the infection control procedures/techniques used to prevent their transmission, 4) Hospital-acquired infections – e.g.., specific pathogens like influenza and pneumonia, 5) Treatment of occupational exposure to hepatitis B (HBV), hepatitis C (HCV), and HIV, and 6) Sepsis.

This course discusses the indicators of maltreatment or abuse, the impact of trauma and ACEs, the influence of implicit bias, the New York State-specific responsibilities and legal obligations of contacting the State Central Register, how to complete the New York’s LDSS 2221A form, and the rights of the mandated reporter.

This course discusses ways to help learners gain education in addiction, pain management, and palliative care.